Catch up with the November Club

Published: 2 December 2021
Reporter: Peter Lathan

Food and Feuds: Two Cooks of Hexham
Lost, Found and Told; New Audio Tales for Northumberland
Repeat Signal

Northumberland’s November Club is making three 2021 productions available throughout the country.

The most recent is Food and Feuds: Two Cooks of Hexham, written by Fiona Ellis, directed by Cinzia Hardy and designed by Imogen Cloët which is now available on demand for £10.

In this imaginary time-travelling performance, Hannah Glasse, whose first recipe book, The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy, was published in 1747, and Ann Cook, whose Professed Cookery: containing boiling, roasting, preserving, potting, pickling, made-wines, gellies, and part of confectionaries was published in 1754, are brought together in the same room as a guest on Esther Blumenberry’s cookery programme Food and Feuds to resolve the feud once and for all.

Feuding, drama, and laughter are on this menu.

To buy, go to the November Club web site.

Lost, Found and Told; New Audio Tales for Northumberland, written by Fiona Ellis, directed by Cinzia Hardy, composed by Katie Doherty with sound design by Matthew Tuckey, is a collection of seven original short stories set in Northumberland. With original music and traditional tunes, they are tales of losing and finding, of courage—the false and the true kinds—of love and kindness in unexpected places and of the strength and resilience of Northumberland.

Available for download or on a memory stick for £10.

Finally in June, November Club produced a new piece of site-specific theatre by Tatty Hennessy, staged at Woodhorn Museum, Repeat Signal, which is now available for free on demand until the end of the year.