Christmas is on the cards for New Perspectives

Published: 11 November 2020
Reporter: Steve Orme

Thrilled to share six new pieces: New Perspectives’ artistic director Jack McNamara Credit: Emanuele Costantini

Nottinghamshire company New Perspectives is collaborating with six UK theatre makers to produce limited edition Christmas cards, each reimagining traditional yuletide messages.

The artists have each designed the front and inside of a card to create a handheld piece of artwork which can be kept as a curio or given as a gift. The collaborators are 1927, Tim Etchells, Eve Leigh, Selina Thompson, Jane Upton and Jatinder Verma MBE.

New Perspectives artistic director Jack McNamara said, “at the end of an eventful but also strangely eventless year, we felt that people really needed a gift this Christmas, something they could hold, share and spend proper time with. And so we asked six truly adventurous theatre makers to reinvent the Christmas card and turn it into a novel, dramatic experience for audiences across the country.

“We’re so thrilled and inspired to be able to share these six new pieces with people throughout the winter season. Each of these artists is unique and knows exactly how to make work against all expectations and all odds. This is our version of a Christmas show, full of intimacy, invention and surprise.”

Further details about the postcards are available at the New Perspectives web site.

New Perspectives has also announced two more performances of Stay Safe, its latest “innovative” play which uses WhatsApp as a dramatic form. It will be available at 8 and 9:30PM on Saturday 28 November.