Coma patient drama adaptation at Buxton Fringe

Published: 7 July 2018
Reporter: Steve Orme

Leaning House will stage Dreamscape, an original script based on the real-life experience of a coma patient, at Buxton Fringe.

In January 2014, Greg became dangerously ill and was put into a medically induced coma. He had fantastical dreams which he wrote down as part of his rehabilitation. Greg’s brain tries to work out “what’s real, what on earth they’re doing, where they’ve been and when the next train home is”.

Dreamscape is based on professional musician and video maker Greg Felton’s blog Intensive Care Stories. Oxford-based director Miriam Higgins has adapted the play.

She said, “Greg’s blog descriptions of being in a coma were both surreal and uplifting—and I was immediately struck by how this story is unique, exciting and extremely touching. It’s a fascinating idea: who do you talk to when you’re in your own head?”

Dreamscape will be performed Underground at The Clubhouse, Buxton on Monday 9 July at 2:30PM.