ConeBoy shapes up for show

Published: 18 October 2020
Reporter: David Upton

Clive Parker-Sharp

ConeBoy, an eclectic rock ‘n’ talk show, has two performances at Antwerp Mansion in Manchester as part of a tour, on November 20.

It’s about a boy, born in 1980, made famous due to his appearance and the resultant collateral damage to him and his family.

Clive Parker Sharp was a founder member of 1980s rock group Big Country and in a number of punk rock groups such as The Members and Spizz Energi. As an author, he now brings his second novel to Manchester in a 'punk-rock musical' as part of the Fringe Festival in a mash-up of drama, spoken word and music.

It’s a take on the media from the '70s to now via the lens of a boy made famous because of his appearance.