Coracle’s Pod opens Alphabetti’s new season

Published: 17 August 2021
Reporter: Peter Lathan

Rehearsal photo: Judi Earl
Rehearsal photo: Kylie Ann Ford
Rehearsal photo: Arabella Arnott and David Raynor
Rehearsal photo: Arabella Arnott

Coracle’s latest production, Pod by Arabella Arnott, opens the new season at Newcastle’s Alphabetti Theatre, running from Tuesday 31 August to Saturday 18 September at 7:30 (not Sundays & Mondays) with Saturday matinées at 1:00.

A family drama, Pod tells the story of Rose, her sister Daisy, her husband Dan and mum Iris spending the weekend away together in a camping pod celebrating the birthday of their dad Geoff, who is no longer with them. As the family gather in a cramped camping pod, family secrets are revealed, unfinished business spills out and they reconnect in unexpected ways.

Writer Arabella Arnott plays Rose with Judi Earl (Iris), Kylie Ann Ford (Daisy) and David Raynor (Dan) and the play is directed by Matt Jamie and designed by Alison Ashton.

All tickets are Pay What You Feel and the audience will be socially distanced, in accordance with Alphabetti’s policies.

Coracle has commissioned two audio dramas as reaction pieces to Pod:

  • Condition Used by Alison Carr, directed by Matt Jamie with Arabella Arnott and Mahsa Hammat Bahary
    When Izzy goes online for a gift for Mother's Day, she's surprised when she discovers a familiar item on Facebook Marketplace.

  • In Traffic by Claire-Marie Perry, directed by Matt Jamie with Judi Earl and Sarah Lewis Obuba.
    Sometimes it's easier to hide behind the silence than to face up to the truth. But Joanne can't keep pretending as she visits her mum's home once more.

Both can be listened to on Coracle’s web site. Condition Used runs for 10:50 and In Traffic for 17:23.