Costume maker in the spotlight

Published: 13 March 2014
Reporter: David Upton

Katie Duxbury with some of the costumes featured in the Piece By Piece exhibition at The Dukes gallery

A Lancaster wardrobe assistant is staging an exhibition of her own creations at The Dukes theatre this spring.

Katie Duxbury has made costumes for several Dukes productions since graduating in theatre design in 2009 and she has let her imagination fly for her Piece By Piece exhibition currently running in the gallery until April 13.

The collection of costumes features recycled materials and has a variety of inspirations including waterfalls, autumn leaves and wild animals.

“A lot of the costumes have been inspired by local environments such as the beach at Morecambe,” said Katie whose design for one of the exhibits features fishing net found on the shore.

Piece by Piece is Katie’s first exhibition since she graduated from Nottingham Trent University. Her work for The Dukes has included two of its outdoor walkabout shows and two Christmas productions. She will be returning to the Lancaster theatre this summer to make costumes for Hansel & Gretel in Williamson Park.