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Coventry theatre’s bid to tackle men’s mental health

Published: 16 March 2019

Coventry’s Belgrade has teamed up with the It Takes Balls to Talk charity to help tackle a crisis in men’s mental health.

Volunteers from the charity will provide information and support to audiences attending two productions in the spring 2019 season at the Belgrade, Ishy Din’s Approaching Empty (20 until 23 March) and Nick Ahad’s Glory (10 until 13 April). Both touch on mental health issues.

Alex Cotton, mental health nurse and founder of It Takes Balls to Talk, said, “it can be difficult to talk about mental health and we hope that the campaign will help men understand it’s important not to keep their feelings to themselves.

“It Takes Balls to Talk is about reaching out to men and the people who care about them to promote positive mental health.”

Steve Orme