CRF2 and the North East

Published: 2 April 2021
Reporter: Peter Lathan

Here for Culture

Arts Council England has announced details of the second round of grants from the Culture Recovery Fund. Nationally, 2,272 grants totalling £281,582,823 were made and in the North East there were 96 awards totalling £11,196,728, the lowest of all the English regions by a considerable margin.

Among the NE organisations receiving grants are:

  • ARC Stockton
    ARC will use the grant of £119,750 to “support artists and local communities across Stockton and the Tees Valley.”

  • Billingham International Folklore Festival of World Dance
    BIFF receives £40,900 which will “invigorate the style, appearance, creative content and branding” of the festival to attract new audiences.

  • The Customs House, South Shields
    The £125,000 awarded to the Customs House will go towards repairs, including a new roof and boiler, a programme of new work.

  • Darlington Hippodrome
    The Hippodrome will use its grant of £499,306 to offset losses incurred during the pandemic, retain jobs and buy new cinema equipment.

  • Live Theatre, Newcastle
    Live will use its grant of £63,588 to make up the shortfall in income streams from its social enterprises which have closed as a result of the pandemic.

  • The Maltings, Berwick
    The grant of £68,000 will assist with the phased reopening of the building, the relaunch of its programme and the return of community activities, including the Youth Theatre.

We will list other grants when details become available.


Since this article was first published, we have received news of the following grants:

Alphabetti, Newcastle - £61,000
Cap-a-Pie, Newcastle - £38,282
Curious Monkey, Newcastle - £40,778
The Exchange, North Shields - £45,502
Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond - £26,200
Liberdade (Gosforth Civic Theatre, Newcastle) - £49,801
Mortal Fools, Prudhoe - £69,995
Middlesbrough Council - £302,500
Northern Stage - £195,000
The November Club, Morpeth - £45,000
NTC, Amble - £34,521
Open Clasp, Newcastle - £36,000
Queen’s Hall Arts, Hexham - £71,764
Saltburn Community and Arts Association - £25,000
Skimstone Arts, Newcastle - £48,594
Sunderland Culture - £143,889
Tees Valley Arts - £43,254
Theatre Space NE CIC, Sunderland - £18,764
Théâtre sans Frontières, Hexham - £25,045
TIN Arts, Durham - £72,285

Update (3/4/21)

Company of Others, Newcastle - £39,100
The Creative Seed, South Shields - £36,000
Curious Arts, Newcastle - £33,540
Equal Arts, Newcastle - £85,000
Headlong Arts, Blyth - £30,041
Highlights Productions, Cumbria, Durham & Northumberland - £28,733
Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle - £1,139,617
Unfolding Theatre, Newcastle - £34,000