Dance shout-out from Showtown

Published: 21 February 2021
Reporter: David Upton

Showtown shout-out

Get Dancing—a new dance craze by Showtown, Blackpool’s first museum of fun and entertainment, and Blackpool arts organisation LeftCoast—still wants to hear from dance enthusiasts.

There is one week left to send in your best moves and help create the year’s viral dance sensation.

Kerry Vasiliou, learning and engagement manager, explained, “we are calling on the public to help us invent a brand new dance inspired by the town’s own vibrant dance legacy. We have really enjoyed seeing the response to the music and the videos sent in from local people and we’ve even had submissions from abroad.”

In 1938, composer and publisher Lawrence Wright created "The Blackpool Walk" with a novelty dance similar to the Lambeth Walk. It became a dance craze that dwarfed the likes of the Floss, Harlem Shuffle (and for TikTok fans), even the Renegade.

Blackpool-based dance company House of Wingz is supported by London-based dancer Manuela Benini and Blackpool designer Nick Steel, who will create the digital imagery for a live performance of the new dance.

Leeds-based composer Callum Harvie has composed "The Blackpool Way", for the project.

The resulting dance will be launched April 29, International Day of Dance, to learn online and share.