Dark comedy on Merseyside

Published: 26 January 2020
Reporter: David Upton

There’s a Dead Body in my Baby’s Sandpit

Following success of The Nether by Jennifer Haley in 2018 at The Hope Street Theatre, Falling Doors brings a new play devised by local actors and creatives, February 26–29.

There’s a Dead Body in my Baby’s Sandpit, following a series of workshops with the full company. A dystopian, dark-comedy, the story follows a young family who have just moved into a new neighbourhood where everything seems perfect.

Falling Doors was set up in 2015 by freelance theatre director Sarah Van Parys (Young Everyman Playhouse director graduate) with creative producer Nancy Msiska (Young Everyman producer graduate) joining the company in 2018. Both have been regularly producing theatre in the North West and plan to bring Falling Doors Theatre to new audiences in 2020 with plans to tour and a new production with the Liverpool Irish Festival in Ireland and Liverpool.

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