Digital triptych from imitating the dog

Published: 10 July 2020
Reporter: David Upton

Airlock from imitating the dog

All three episodes of digital theatremakers imitating the dog's Culture in Quarantine commission will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer by this Saturday 10 July.

Airlock is a live-action graphic novel and one of the first new works to be released from the series of BBC Arts and Arts Council England commissions responding to the COVID lockdown. It’s designed to bring the arts into UK homes despite venue closures, social distancing and countrywide lockdowns.

Made throughout June, with each member of imitating the dog—performers, directors and technical crew—working from home, Airlock explores themes of isolation, despair and hope.

  • Episode One: The Cosmonaut finds Roza trapped in a tiny, airless vessel. Searching desperately to make a human connection, she hits on a 100-year old solution, but will it work?
  • Episode Two: Writer’s Block sees gumshoe Charlie given instructions to track and kill the villainous Eurydice. If he follows orders, will he be next?
  • Episode Three: The Only Ones is set in an apartment overlooking a destroyed city. A woman with a silver gun thinks she is the last woman on earth.

The selection process for the commissions was led by The Space, a digital agency and production company.

On iPlayer, find them under Categories - Arts - Culture in Quarantine.

They can be watched in any order and, after all are released on Saturday, will be available for a year.