Double science bill for nerdy Helen

Published: 30 June 2013
Reporter: Steve Orme

The “UK’s premiere nerd songstress” Helen Arney will be presenting two shows at Buxton Fringe Festival.

She will be reprising her solo show Voice of an Angle which won best comedy performance last year at Buxton as well as performing a new show, Domestic Science, with her comedy and real-life partner Rob Wells.

Voice of an Angle “combines classy comedy, clever science and super-smart songs to celebrate all things geeky”.

The physics graduate turned comedienne can regularly be heard on BBC Radio and presents a user-generated science show You Have Been Warned for Discovery Channel.

Voice of an Angle can be seen in the Pauper’s Pit, Underground Venues on Saturday (6 July) at 4:30PM.

Domestic Science is “Buxton’s only mid-afternoon DIY science party” in which Helen and Rob “investigate cosmological conundrums, solve microscopic mysteries and try to maintain their own domestic bliss”.

It can be seen in the Pauper’s Pit on Saturday and Sunday (6 and 7 July) at 3PM.