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Experience The Alter for free

Published: 15 March 2022
Reporter: David Upton

The Alter

Immersive entertainment company Swamp Motel has released The Alter, an interactive short film, for free as part of The Lowry's Live Now programme until May 5.

With one story and two timelines, it’s up to viewers to discover the narrative as they switch between the night before and the morning after. A group of city-dwelling friends in need of a break from London unite at a remote country house for a weekend away, ready to recharge and reconnect with nature.

When they find an old map of the grounds and hear the story of an old family mystery of hidden wonders to discover somewhere in the land, a nocturnal hunt for buried treasure begins. What they unearth will alter them forever.

Hosted on Swamp Motel’s web site, audiences are able to watch and interact with this short film whenever—and as many times as—they choose.