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Fringe’s “significant boost” to Buxton’s economy

Published: 28 October 2021
Reporter: Steve Orme

“Huge achievement”: Buxton Fringe chair Stephen Walker Credit: Ian J Parkes

Buxton Fringe has revealed that the 2021 festival provided a significant boost to the town, with spending by performers and audiences resulting in a contribution of almost £200,000 to the local economy.

The estimated figure was £197,726 which includes expenditure from performers during their stay in Buxton as well as audiences’ spending on food, accommodation and ticket sales.

Audience feedback was “overwhelmingly supportive”, with respondents to the Fringe's audience survey “delighted” that the Fringe had been able to go ahead with live events.

The entrants' survey was equally positive, with performers praising the Fringe for "wonderful support as usual" and describing Buxton as an "intimate, relaxed environment where the community really gets behind the Fringe and supports it".

Fringe chair Stephen Walker commented, "it was a huge achievement to put on a festival as the country was still under social distancing restrictions, and we’re proud of our role in helping to kickstart the town's economic recovery."

The 2022 Fringe is already being planned and will take place from 6 until 24 July. Entries will open on Wednesday 1 December. A discounted entry fee of £50 will be applied until the end of February.