Game Play in Gosforth

Published: 1 February 2020
Reporter: Peter Lathan

David McIver: Teleport

A play based on video-gaming is heading to Gosforth Civic Theatre later this month.

In David McIver: Teleport, written and performed by David McIver and brought to Newcastle by CaroleW Productions, audiences are invited into the realms of Warquest! where they can level-up, complete quests, defeat monsters and meet characters such as The Oracle, predictor of the future, and Vangor, the Orc warrior with a strong interest in health and safety regulation, and even encounter an enchanted amulet.

Our hero is addicted to gaming, but what happens when a fraught and difficult reality encroaches on our young hero’s attempts to make sense of a troubling world which is encroaching on the fantasy world he builds around himself?

It’s a comedy with lots of laughter and silliness, with elements of improvisation and a lot of audience interaction, but with a deeply serious core. Audience interaction is a big part of the show, with audience members becoming fellow players in David’s game, and together they complete quests and fight monsters so that individual audience members can become heroes, get laughs and be loved by the rest of the audience.

The show comes to Gosforth Civic Theatre, Regents Farm Road, Gosforth, Newcastle, at 7:30 on Thursday 27 February and tickets are £10 from the box office or online (£1.25 booking fee for online purchases).