Get Tango-ed in Sale

Published: 4 February 2023
Reporter: David Upton

Tango's Big Adventure

Hive North brings its new family production, Tango’s Big Adventure, to Waterside in Sale, Trafford, for half term.

It’s based on the true story of Roy and Silo, two male penguins given an abandoned egg to hatch and care for.

The story was the subject of the book And Tango Makes Three and is used by teachers to introduce the idea of different families.

The play follows Tango the penguin as she heads off on a trip through Central Park Zoo meeting a variety of animal families, performed by three actors.

Tango’s Big Adventure is a development of Hive North’s previous play Here Comes Tango!, which toured Manchester schools in 2016 and was created in partnership with NHS Healthy Schools.

The play is aimed at families with children aged three and up and aims to embed that whether you’re raised by grandparents, parents, same-sex parents, adopted or foster parents, at their heart families are all the same.