Ghost Light: the plight of the theatre ghost

Published: 31 July 2020
Reporter: Peter Lathan

The New Normal

Ghost Light, a new audio play in the The New Normal trilogy by South Shields-based theatre company Boyle Yet Stotts, takes a look at what happens to theatre ghosts when their home is closed by a pandemic as their battle to save the theatre soon becomes a fight for their very survival.

Written and starring original BYS founders Dale Meeks and Iain Cunningham, The New Normal provided a creative outlet after the cancellation of the revival their play Everywhere We Go at the South Shields Customs House which has now been rescheduled for the last week in February 2021.

They are joined by Craig Richardson who not only provides a welcome addition to the acting roster, but also provided the innovative techniques to make recording The New Normal possible under strict lockdown conditions.

Ghost Light hopes to act as a metaphorical ghost light for the entire British theatre industry,” Iain Cunningham says, “hopefully providing a glimmer of positivity for its future but also highlighting the very real, precarious danger it currently finds itself in.”

To make its contribution to safeguarding theatre, Ghost Light has a donate button through which listeners are encouraged to make a make a donation towards aiding the survival of The Customs House in South Shields, the original, if unofficial home of Boyle Yer Stotts Productions.

Ghost Light, along with the other two plays in the trilogy, can be found on their SoundCloud channel.

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