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Glengarry Glen Ross on first UK tour

Published: 17 February 2019

After its première at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking, Glengarry Glen Ross will tour with a cast headed by Mark Benton and Nigel Harman in the roles of salesmen Shelley Levene and the ruthless Ricky Roma

Joining them in the hard-hitting sales team of David Mamet's darkly funny play are Denis Conway as Dave Moss, Will Johnson as George Aaronow, Scott Sparrow as John Williamson, James Staddon as James Lingk and Zephryn Taitte as Baylen.

Set in an office of cut-throat Chicago salesmen, pitched in a high-stakes competition against each other, four increasingly desperate employees will do anything, legal or otherwise to sell the most real estate.

The production is designed by Chiara Stephenson with lighting by Richard Howell. It is produced by ATG Productions, Act Productions and Glass Half Full Productions.

Sheila Connor