Gramophones tour female role model show

Published: 3 October 2021
Reporter: Steve Orme

“In charge of her own destiny”: Tarzanna Credit: Pamela Raith

The Gramophones Theatre Company is to tour Tarzanna, a “jungle aerial adventure for families that encourages children to get into nature and empowers girls to be wild and playful”.

The show takes audiences on a journey into “a magical world through playful aerial storytelling, original music, moments of interactive fun, puppetry and acrobatic brilliance”.

The Gramophones created Tarzanna to tell the story of an alternative female role model who is the heroine, in charge of her own destiny and with the power to make change.

Hannah Stone, co-artistic director of The Gramophones, said, “we’re so used to seeing role models that are princesses in towers waiting to be rescued, always the second string to a male protagonist. We thought how refreshing it would be to have a heroine who’s physically strong and has to save everyone else.”

The show is non-verbal and is suitable for D/deaf audiences and audiences who do not speak English.

The cast features Farrell Cox, Claire Crook and Florencia Leon. Ria Ashcroft and Hannah Stone co-direct.Design is by Mark Hornsey, lighting design is by Alexandra Stafford, music is composed by Darren Clark and choreography is by Sarah Bebe-Holmes.

Tarzanna tours from Saturday 9 until Sunday 31 October. Dates can be found at the Gramophones Theatre Company web site.