Great Baldini tries to solve conspiracy in Buxton

Published: 26 June 2023
Reporter: Steve Orme

The Great Baldini Credit: Mark Conway

Imagine Tommy Cooper trying to crack the Da Vinci code—that is said to be the idea behind The Great Baldini’s new show at Buxton Fringe.

Illusionati: A Magical Conspiracy is set in 1930s Britain. The Great Baldini is a fixture of the British musical hall magic circuit. However, he has never achieved the success he feels he deserves and he suspects that an unseen power is working against him.

When Baldini obtains the diary of the Great Lafayette, a clue scribbled on the last page identifies a secret cabal of magicians—the Illusionati—as this power.

The show takes audiences on a “thrilling journey of mystery and intrigue as Baldini reveals the secrets of the Illusionati”. Combining comedy, storytelling and “miraculous effects”, Illusionati: A Magical Conspiracy will “captivate and amaze audiences of all ages”.

The Great Baldini, a member of the Magic Circle, will present Illusionati: A Magical Conspiracy in the Pump Room at The Crescent, Buxton from Tuesday 11 until Saturday 15 July at 5:20PM.

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