Greg stands up to make Buxton Fringe debut

Published: 26 June 2023
Reporter: Steve Orme

“Inclusive and escapist”: Greg Byron in StandUpPoet

Greg Byron is to make his Buxton Fringe debut with his spoken-word show StandUpPoet although he admits it is hard to define what he exactly does.

BBC Radio said of him, “describing Byron as a spoken-word performer or even poet is like calling Bill Bailey a musician who tells jokes or Winston Churchill a politician who smoked—not technically incorrect but it doesn’t tell you the whole story.”

Byron, who has appeared in Japan and the USA, said about his show, “it’s inclusive and escapist, so I do stuff about Daleks, Batman, tattoos, trophy wives, veganism plus anecdotes and one-liners. It’s always moving forwards.”

This will not be his first appearance in Buxton. He was previously at the Opera House in Thunderbirds F.A.B., based on Gerry Anderson’s 1960s puppet show and performed by two actors wearing rockets on their heads.

Byron will perform StandUpPoet at the Green Man Gallery, Buxton on Thursday 6 July at 8:30PM and from Friday 7 until Sunday 9 July at 8PM.

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