Happy Days after all

Published: 7 August 2020
Reporter: David Upton

Margot Leicester as Winnie
John Branwell (Willie) in rehearsals
David Thacker (director) in rehearsals

A production of Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days, by acclaimed director David Thacker, will now be shown online after a private performance was filmed.

The production, with Margot Leicester and John Branwell—directed by the former artistic director of Bolton’s Octagon Theatre who now teaches at the town’s university—was due to be staged in March, but was cancelled just before lockdown was announced.

Happy Days was produced by a professional theatre company assembled by David, which gave students the opportunity to follow a production from start to finish.

After the professional company was laid off, Margot and John agreed to work with the students for another week, leading to a private performance, which was filmed and edited by one of the University’s media students, under David’s supervision.

The Happy Days online premiere will be available to watch on Youtube from 7PM on Thursday 13 August.