Haywire in the dark at Buxton

Published: 3 July 2022
Reporter: Steve Orme

Catrin Edwards, one of the cast of Nyctophilia

North Wales company Haywire Theatre’s Nyctophilia will provide a “unique” experience to Buxton Fringe audiences: theatre in the dark for an entire performance.

Nyctophilia grapples with ideas of love, mystery and magic “but with one important twist: your ears are your only guide”. It is a sensory journey through time that asks questions of how our imagination may be opened once our eyes are closed.

Written by Isaac Saward, Nyctophilia “promises a unique experience for audiences and urges them to question how far their imagination can take them when the lights go out”.

The cast is Catrin Edwards, Ciaran Saward and Cameron Lythgoe. Liv Clarke directs. Producer and designer is Lucy Haslingden while Lisa Jayne is assistant director and producer.

Nyctophilia will be performed at Underground at the Old Clubhouse, Buxton on Thursday 7 July at 2:30PM, Friday 8 July at 1PM and Saturday 10 July at 10PM.

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