Hodgkiss Award winners to tour

Published: 16 June 2019
Reporter: David Upton

Wrestling the Walrus

Launched by Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre and Susan Hodgkiss, the Hodgkiss Award was designed to find and support new theatre made by an artist or company from the North of England.

In partnership with The Yard Theatre and ARC Stockton, the 2018 Hodgkiss Award was presented to 154 Collective, an international group of theatre makers, visual artists, animators, musicians & writers.

Their theatre piece Wrestling The Walrus will run from June 28–July 6 in The Studio.

With live music, projected film, animations and performance blended together to tell a story of two people trying to reconnect after their world is turned upside down.

Following its première at the Exchange, Wrestling The Walrus will transfer to both ARC Stockton (July 9–10) and The Yard Theatre (July 16–18).