How long is a piece of string?

Published: 13 September 2021
Reporter: Peter Lathan

How Long Is a Piece of String? Credit: Luke Waddington
How Long Is a Piece of String? Credit: Luke Waddington

Fully Booked Theatre is bringing its interactive dance show for 5- to 9-year-olds to three venues in the North East. How Long Is a Piece of String?, which was developed with the support of Dance City, asks children to help String and Strong, two wild and woolly creatures, to learn how to get along and hug for the very first time by creating new sound and dance through touch and movement as they try to understand the world around them and each another.

The show uses technology to enable children and their families to make music by touching their fingertips together and even incorporates the children’s voices (recorded as they enter the theatre) into the show’s music.

The costumes and set are designed by National Theatre costume designer Emily Rose Spreadborough, the show is written by Harry Man and choreographed by Jennifer Essex, who said, “I can’t wait to share this beautiful show about the power of friendship. The performers are just incredible and make me laugh everyday with the wonderful characters they’ve created in Strong and Strong. I’m also really excited about the interactive musical score that has been designed by Emily Spreadborough and our composer Jovana Backovic. It really feels like magic!”

How Long Is a Piece of String? comes to Alnwick Playhouse on 22 September, Hartlepool Borough Hall on 3 October and Dance City in Newcastle on 21 and 22 December.