Hyenas set to roam Salford

Published: 26 June 2022
Reporter: David Upton

Olivia Nicholson in Hyenas!

Hyenas! is a feminist theatre piece by theatre company Sugar Butties (Best play, Manchester Fringe) at Kings Arms, Salford, July 11–12.

It’s the story of four women going through hardship, all on the same hen do at the same time. They cover imperfections and scars from the past with make-up, filters and lies.

Olivia Nicholson portrays an overworked schoolteacher on sick leave, a mum going through a divorce and a sad, skinny bride.

It’s produced by former Hollyoaks actress Jessica Forrest and directed by Jonathan Brown. Following a sold-out run at Edinburgh last year, it has been doing the circuit in Brighton and Manchester fringes.

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