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"I'll Say it Again" says Tara's 2nd female artists festival

Published: 5 March 2019

After an inaugural season marking the centenary of when some women were given the right to vote for the first time in the UK, Tara Theatre's second festival of female artists, I'll Say it Again, celebrates women's voices through theatre, music comedy and dance across 21 events.

The festival covers a range of people and topics from historical figures such as trade unionist Mary Macarthur to modern writer-broadcaster Natalie Haynes, opening with Nyla Levy's play Does My Bomb Look Big in This, looking at the lives of British-Asian teenagers and inspired by the Bethnal Green schoolgirls who left Britain to join ISIS in 2016.

Natalie Haynes will première her new show Natalie Haynes & Word Factory: Forgotten Women, which examines the legendary war that Helen's beauty was said to launch and its terrible aftermath in Troy, whereas Rosa Torr will perform her one-woman show Bump, a story of a young woman confronting her choices in the waiting room of an abortion clinic. String duo Fran & Flora will close the festival.

Artistic Director Jatinder Verma said, "I'm delighted that Tara Theatre is once again hosting the explosive creativity of I'll Say it Again. Last year's inaugural season marked Britain's centenary of women's right to vote. In 2019, women artists look ahead, and back, to the flesh and blood of contemporary womanhood. I'll Say it Again promises to connect artists and audiences in joyous diversity at Tara Theatre."

Sheila Connor