Ideas wanted for Mansfield project for looked-after children

Published: 23 October 2020
Reporter: Steve Orme

Ideas wanted: a new opportunity for young care-experienced people to have their say about creativity in Mansfield

Mansfield Palace Theatre is keen to hear ideas for a project to provide opportunities specifically for looked-after children—those in social care or looked after by family members or foster families.

The Get This! project aims to provide arts and cultural activities for children aged 8 to 19 and their families, helping them to produce, shape and take part in the arts.

The theatre is working with charitable organisation Inspire Youth Arts and Captivate, the cultural education partnership for Mansfield and Ashfield, on the scheme.

Captivate partnership manager Vanessa Oxspring said, “there’s a vital creative input role that’s currently missing with our county’s looked-after children and we know that creativity could boost confidence, support mental health and make a difference. We want to ensure cared-for children and young people are not forgotten and get the best opportunities to reach their fullest potential.”

Mansfield Palace Theatre education manager Christopher Neil added, “there are lots of ways we can explore arts and culture. We’re keen to hear what potential participants want to do which will help guide us in creating exciting projects for them to immerse themselves in next year.”

Ideas should be sent to Christopher Neil at [email protected] or the Get This! Facebook page.