Inamoment’s audience with Falstaff at Buxton

Published: 29 June 2018
Reporter: Steve Orme

Inamoment Theatre will be taking to Buxton Fringe its latest plays in its AfterShakespeare series, An Audience with Sir John Falstaff and Cordelia / Fool.

A one-man play performed by Michael Harris, An Audience with Sir John Falstaff features Falstaff regaling audiences with his true-life story—and his never before revealed relationship with William Shakespeare.

It will be staged Underground at the Arts Centre on Thursday 5 July at 7:15PM and Sunday 8 and Monday 9 July at 6PM.

Cordelia / Fool takes words from the original King Lear play, re-presenting them to give a “unique” insight into the mind of disturbed King Lear. This is “King Lear from the inside-out, a re-telling of the powerful Shakespeare story”.

This one-man play will be performed by Alex Nikitas Underground at the Clubhouse on Thursday 5 July at 4PM and Friday 6, Saturday 7 and Monday 9 July at 1PM.

Inamoment has been putting on productions of Frank Bramwell's plays for more than 14 years. The first, Romeo and Juliet for All Time, premièred in Buxton and was nominated for a Fringe best new writing award.