Joe’s play about to bring magic to Nottingham

Published: 11 February 2017
Reporter: Steve Orme

Joe Strickland spent years blending magic with theatre to produce an unusual show. Now he has updated it and Strangers: A Magic Play II is to be performed in Nottingham.

When he was 15, Stickland realised that almost all magic shows were sequences of unrelated tricks and he wanted to change that. He worked with a group of actors from Nottingham New Theatre, none of whom could perform magic, before being cast in Strangers: A Magic Play.

“Our aim,” says Joe, “is to show that magic itself has the potential to be a much more powerful performance tool than previously thought.”

Four new scenes are being showcased in the updated play which will go to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe later in 2017. Four separate stories are interwoven with magic “to create an audience experience which challenges what and how we think about magic and performance”.

Strangers: A Magic Play II can be seen at The Lofthouse, Nottingham from Monday 13 until Wednesday 15 February.