Jude’s going to kick a pram in Durham

Published: 13 June 2019
Reporter: Peter Lathan

Pramkicker, a production from NW-based Postcard Theatre, is coming to Durham City.

Written by Sadie Hasler, it tells the story of two sisters, Jude and Susie. Jude has always known she doesn't want kids and Susie isn't sure if her ovaries are twinging or if she just needs a wee. One day, in a café full of 'yummy mummies', Jude loses the plot and kicks a pram. She is arrested and sent to anger management classes. Susie goes along for the ride and uses the opportunity to confess a secret.

Appropriately, Pramkicker will be performed in a café, Cafedral in Owengate, where the company performed their last production, A Grey Divide, in 2017.

Postcard Theatre describes itself as a “fringe” theatre company and, after Durham, will be taking the production to Preston and to the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival.

Jude will be played by Coral Sinclair and Susie Tilly Sutcliffe, both trained at ALRA where Postcard saw them in their showcases.

Pramkicker is at Cafedral, Durham, on 10 July at 7:30. Tickets (£10) are now on sale online through We Got Tickets.