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Kardashian show coming HOME

Published: 17 February 2019

Award-winning Anglo-Spanish performance company Sleepwalk Collective returns to the UK with its new show Kourtney Kardashian, following its première at the Festival de Clasicos, Alcala, Spain in June.

It’s at HOME in Manchester, March 7 to 9.

Kourtney Kardashian follows a ballet called Kim Kardashian (2016) and a stage play, Khloé Kardashian (2017) as the final part of an accidental trilogy of performances exploring high art and celebrity and "the increasingly tenuous grip on reality in the 21st century".

Performed in English, it’s a love / hate letter to outrageous luxury and artistic genius that dances playfully around the rules and conventions of classical opera, with an orchestra of laptops, a multi-speaker sound system chorus and performers using speakers strapped to their bodies.

David Upton