Landscape Jukebox celebrates Peak District beauty

Published: 3 July 2020
Reporter: Steve Orme

Based on a series of interviews: The Landscape Jukebox

A “theatrical project that investigates the different ways in which people think” and which is a celebration of the Peak District has been created especially for Buxton Fringe.

Part radio play, part film and online platform, The Landscape Jukebox has been created by BLOOM and is the fourth project by Lydia Tissier and Ella Kennedy.

The Landscape Jukebox has 18 tracks which will be released over a period of six days. Audiences can choose the order in which they listen to them. Each track is a short piece of dialogue or a monologue, set to a film created to celebrate the landscapes and scenes of natural beauty within the Peak District.

The script, adapted for a lockdown context, is based on a series of interviews in which participants talked about the way they perceive their own consciousness, about how the voices in their head sound and about what they are thinking when they are alone, when they are driving and when they are waiting for a bus.

The project will have a staggered release on 11, 15 and 18 July. It can be accessed through The Landscape Jukebox web site.