Lighting designers create sculptures where they live

Published: 5 March 2021
Reporter: Steve Orme

Gifts to local communities: The Litten Trees

Eight lighting designers have been commissioned by Fuel Theatre to create temporary light sculptures to illuminate trees close to where they live in a project called The Litten Trees.

The eight are Jason Addison, Daniella Beattie, Chuma Emembolu, Kristina Hjelm, Katy Morison, Josh Pharo, Lizzie Powell and Jackie Shemesh.

The Litten Trees are gifts to local communities around the UK: temporary light sculptures in parks, woodland walks, housing estates and next to playgrounds. The sites have been chosen to be seen by those communities as they enjoy their daily exercise or go about their daily business.

The trees will be seen on the last three days before the official end of winter: in the evenings from Thursday 25 until Saturday 27 March in Glasgow, Hull, Leek in Staffordshire, Haringey in London, Brighton, Banbury in Oxfordshire, Ystrad Mynach in south Wales and Cornwall.

They will also appear in a short film by Hugo Glendinning, which will be released in May.