Lindzi launches Mersey fest

Published: 4 July 2021
Reporter: David Upton

Lindzi Germain

Liverpool Theatre Festival will open with a one-woman show starring Scouse actress Lindzi Germain and written by Mark Davies Markham.

Comedy 2Gorgeous4U—From Ladette To Laundrette will open on September 1 with two performances.

Clare is a beautician with her own spa and treatment room in Waterloo. Happily single, she is online just in case. Her one desire in life is a wet room.

Back in the Britpop 1990s, she was one half of pop duo 2Gorgeous4U with her best mate Tina—but fell out acrimoniously. So when they’re asked to reform, can they put the past behind them?

Liverpool Theatre Festival runs September 1–12. The 10-day event features mainstream and established acts, artists, and productions and will adhere to all COVID-19 guidelines.