Little Red rides into Manchester and Ellesmere Port

Published: 18 November 2023
Reporter: David Chadderton

Little Red

HOME and Theatre Porto will host this "playful twist on a familiar tale" for ages 4+.

The original script by the award-winning Kevin Dyer was developed using a devising process led by director Nina Hajiyianni.

Francesca Anderson (Eastenders, BBC; Jane Eyre, Lyngo Theatre; Hansel & Gretel, Lyngo Theatre) is a very cheeky, trophy hunting Grandma, Fatima Jawara (DOG SQUAD, CBBC; Kidnapped, National Theatre of Scotland; The Snow Queen, Lyceum Theatre) is feisty heroine Little Red and Anoosh Kendrick (The Pyjama Game, Pleasance Theatre; Mickey and the Wondrous Book, Disneyland Hong Kong) is the loving mum and Woodcutter.

The jazz–singing Wolfie will be played by Stephanie Greer (The Man Who Left Is Not The Man Who Came Home, Farnham Maltings; And Now It’s All This, Liverpool and Los Angeles; Sealskin, Liverpool Everyman).

Hajiyianni said, “in our Little Red, Wolfie is battling to stay alive as their natural habitat declines and hunger kicks-in. We’ve traditionally had a male wolf, but I became increasingly interested in the story we can tell if Wolfie is played by a female performer. I’m really looking forward to recreating the show with Steph, and a dazzling, all-female ensemble cast. We can’t wait to bring the show to North West audiences.”

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