Live streamed concerts will keep actors in work during closures

Published: 17 March 2020
Reporter: David Chadderton

Leave A Light On

Lambert Jackson Productions and The Theatre Café have announced a series of intimate, piano vocal concerts under the title Leave a Light On to be streamed live from The Theatre Café for a small fee, with participants ranging from from established performers to those who may have only just started in theatre.

Starting on Monday 23 March, three 45-minute concerts will take place each day, which will provide financial support for the performers involved and also entertainment for people in self-isolation.

In a joint statement, Lambert Jackson Productions and The Theatre Café said, “we are so excited about this project. This is a really dark time for the theatre world and we want to help wherever we can, as much as possible. The idea that people who are self-isolating can help performers who have lost all of their work is a really beautiful thing, and also speaks volumes about our amazing industry and the community it fosters.”

More details and a full line-up will be released later.