Lost Soul sequel for Royal Court

Published: 26 May 2019
Reporter: David Upton

A sequel makes its debut at the Royal Court in Liverpool this summer: Lost Soul 2—Smigger’s Wrecked Head.

The original Lost Soul in 2007 looked at the lives of Smigger, Pat, Donna and Terry as they dealt with modern life passing them by while they yearned for the good old days.

50,000 people enjoyed the comedy play which struck a note with a generation who spent their youth in the soul music clubs of the '70s and '80s.

The original cast are back for the show, which begins a few months after the original Lost Soul finishes. Jake Abraham, Lindzi Germain, Catherine Rice, Andrew Schofield and Lenny Woodall join Gemma Brodrick and Bobby Schofield, June 7 to July 6.