Mackies make it home

Published: 15 September 2021
Reporter: David Upton

Christine and Lois Mackie

Lancaster actress Christine Mackie finally brings her semi-autobiographical play Best Girl ‘home’ to the city’s Dukes Theatre next week.

Corrie star Christine devised the work around losing her veteran father to suicide—and the central role will be played by her daughter Lois.

Christine explains: “I wrote the piece for her. It is based on my life experience as a kid but updated to present-day Manchester.”

It’s a love story set at the intersection of two domestic dramas. When Annie falls for Jim she also unearths a secret, literally from the attic, that leads her to confront her own family’s demons. There’s added poignancy following the UK’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Finalist in the 2019 LET Awards and nominated for Best Actor, Best Drama and Writing for Stage Award at GMFringe, it’s a one-woman tour-de-force which received rave reviews during the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

It runs September 23–25 at 7:30PM.