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Make a date for dating 'drama'

Published: 21 February 2019

Binaural Dinner Date, by ZU-UK, will come to The Lowry March 28–30 taking place in the Salford venue’s Tower Coffee Shop.

In the theatrical experience, participants are set up on genuine dates either with their partners, friends or complete strangers and a voice in their ear, as well as a Waiter and a Matchmaker, guide them through the urban ritual of dating.

ZU-UK is an award-winning interactive theatre and live art company. The use of binaural sound, which allows the experience to achieve intimacy, is integral to the performance. Throughout the experience, the distinctions between live and pre-recorded speech—as well as staged and spontaneous interactions—are blurred.

Binaural Dinner Date had its world première at Theatre Royal Stratford East. The sell-out run was extended due to public demand.

David Upton