Making Contact with a Manchester walk

Published: 20 July 2021
Reporter: David Upton

A Home for Grief

Manchester Contact Theatre invites audiences to explore and experience the city in a new light with its immersive sound walk, A Home for Grief (July 29–31).

The auditory experience takes patrons from Contact’s newly refurbished building—on Oxford Road—on a journey across the neighbouring streets and urban spaces of Manchester, listening through headphones to the voices of women expressing their own stories of grief, loss and renewal.

Audiences are invited to bring their phones and headphones to Contact, where they can download the sound-walk directly to their own phones. They then embark at staggered times.

When back at Contact they can experience a preview of a new strand of the project: an accompanying installation featuring quilted maps that chart the landscapes of grief.

Prior to Manchester, similar versions will run in Lancaster and Liverpool.