Mansfield Palace to stage first online performance

Published: 19 March 2021
Reporter: Steve Orme

“Feminist response to the aftermath of World War I”: Dalloway

Mansfield Palace Theatre has announced its first streamed performance, Dalloway, a one-woman drama produced by Dyad Productions.

Sian Booth, cultural services manager at Mansfield district council which runs the theatre, said, "we're so thrilled to be able to bring our audiences streamed entertainment direct to their homes. It's a real step forward for the theatre.”

Written and directed by Elton Townend Jones and performed by Rebecca Vaughan, Dalloway is set in 1923. Dyad's adaptation of Virginia Woolf's “celebrated map of hearts, minds and memories offers a compellingly feminist response to the aftermath of World War I”.

Tickets, which cost £5 per household, can be booked at the Mansfield Palace web site.