Material need for Fabric of Bolton

Published: 14 October 2020
Reporter: David Upton

Bolton Octagon

Octagon Theatre in Bolton has partnered with Bolton Solidarity Community Association on a new project: The Fabric of Bolton.

During Black History Month and beyond, the venue and BSCA plan to platform and celebrate Bolton's industrial heritage, from a fresh and less-commonly heard perspective: that of the black, Asian and other ethnic minorities who contributed to this legacy through their work in textiles and other industries.

They will interview those who have a history of working in Bolton in the 1960s–1980s and a short film will be produced and screened in the new Octagon building in early 2021.

The Octagon is specifically keen to hear from Bolton residents with Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Somali, or other African or Caribbean heritage who worked in the mills, factories and other parts of Bolton's industry. Even if you don't identify as any of these specific heritages but feel that your story and experience is relevant, do get in touch with the venue or BSCA.