Maverick offers diploma in creative producing

Published: 12 April 2020
Reporter: Steve Orme

Increasing access to the performing arts: Maverick’s Nick Hennegan

Applications are now open for a new online diploma in creative producing for theatre and live events, designed to open up the “closed” world of theatre producing.

The Maverick Academy, part of London-based Maverick Theatre Company, will start the diploma, said to be the first of its kind in the UK, in June. It will be a degree-level qualification for people wanting to become theatre producers or create live events.

The course involves three hours’ tuition each Wednesday evening for 16 weeks, with occasional tutorials and a trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in either 2020 or 2021.

Nick Hennegan, director of the diploma course, said, “when I first started producing 30 years ago, there was no help at all available for people who wanted to produce theatre.

“Now there are options for masters degrees, which are very good but very expensive. They also tend to be run by academics rather than those with practical experience.

“We’re building on the success over the past 10 years of our one-day introduction to creative producing workshops at RADA and Drury Lane. We have a team of very experienced West End and UK theatre makers, producers, marketing people and accountants.”

Hennegan added, “open access is very important to us. Maverick Theatre Company is all about increasing access to the performing arts and the Maverick Academy is part of that.

“I've created hundreds of theatre productions over the past 40 years, touring nationally and overseas. We already have interest in the diploma from South Africa and the USA. Now I want to hear from people in Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester—in fact from anyone, anywhere, with an interest in making theatre, regardless of background or education.”

There will be a free webinar on Saturday 25 April for people who would like feedback about their application. Further details are available at the Maverick Academy web site.