Merry Christmas, Holly & Ivan

Published: 16 December 2020
Reporter: Peter Lathan

Merry Christmas, Holly & Ivan

No rivalry here! Washington born siblings Christina Berriman Dawson (actor and playwright) and Richard Dawson (video games developer and sci-fi writer) have joined with Newcastle’s Alphabetti Theatre to create an animated Christmas tale of a sister, a brother and a dog.

Merry Christmas, Holly & Ivan was originally performed live as part of Alphabetti’s Christmas Cabaret in 2018 and has now been animated by Jack Holden Music and performed by Christina.

'Twas the '90s and Christmas Eve! Once upon a time in a town like this, snowfall blanketed Christmas, and a dog was for life. But this year our dog needs a knee replacement and that’s a present too far even for Santa’s magic. An animated Christmas adventure with Holly and Ivan as Santa takes them through a mysterious night of discovery to find the true meaning of Christmas.

The film is now available to watch for free (although donations to the theatre are very welcome) on Alphabetti’s web site. It is suitable for ages 7+, runs for 20 minutes and will be available indefinitely.