Monologue reveals first sign of madness

Published: 30 June 2013
Reporter: Steve Orme

Nicki Noble will stage Chris Neville-Smith’s monologue The First Sign of Madness, which she has already performed at Durham, Saltburn and Sedgefield, at the Buxton Fringe.

She plays Joanna who sits on a park bench, flowers in her hands, admiring the view. Joanna had never told Craig how she felt but this time she tells him everything she's ever wanted to say. But is he really listening? Who is she really talking to? And is this really the moment she imagined?

Nicki Noble said, “I love this play and the moment I read it I knew what a fantastic opportunity it was for an actress to perform solo.

“It’s a kaleidoscope of emotions which makes it a real challenge and when you’re alone on stage there’s no one else to rely on but yourself.”

Chris Neville-Smith has written several plays, including The Great Outdoors which made the 2012 final of The People's Play, a competition funded by New Writing North to discover and develop new writers.

He said, “I’m delighted that Nicki can once again take up this role. She brings a touching realism and depth of emotion that brings Joanna to life.”

The First Sign of Madness is at Underground Venues on Thursday and Friday (4 and 5 July) at 5PM and Saturday (6 July) at 2PM.