Mortal Fools are expanding

Published: 22 December 2021
Reporter: Peter Lathan

Mortal Fools
Mortal Fools and YMCA Northumberland
Mortal Fools filming in YMCA Northumberland

Prudhoe-based theatre, drama and creative learning company Mortal Fools has opened a second base at YMCA Northumberland in Ashington, expanding its youth theatre groups and creative projects into the area.

Mortal Fools will use the YMCA Northumberland hall space for activities with young people and will also take up office space; this will be in addition to their Prudhoe office, Tyne Valley Youth Theatre groups, online groups and work across the North-East and wider North. From January 2022, Mortal Fools will be launching new Youth Theatre groups in Ashington, providing free creative drama-infused opportunities to even more Northumberland young people.

“We are delighted to have established this new base within the YMCA Northumberland building in the heart of Ashington,” said Mortal Fools CEO and Artistic Director Kiz Crosbie, “and are grateful for the welcome we have received so far. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed connecting with Ashington young people via our youth theatre taster sessions so far. We look forward to building a lasting, dynamic and creative relationships with YMCA, meeting and working with more local young people and embedding into the Ashington community.”

Mortal Fools and YMCA Northumberland believe that together they can combine their strengths and have a great impact on Ashington youngsters.

“We feel delighted and fortunate to now class Mortal Fools as a key partner,” said Rob Cox, CEO of YMCA Northumberland. “Their skills, flexibility, honesty and leadership give us confidence that this collaboration will bring exciting and meaningful opportunities to young people in Northumberland."

In addition to this expansion and new partnership, in 2022, Mortal Fools will be marking its 10-year organisational birthday alongside new projects, performances and with lots of opportunities for young people to get involved.

Mortal Fools started out as a small youth theatre group, running one-off week-long projects from a village hall in 2012. Today, they work with thousands of young people every year in schools, youth theatre sessions, touring professional theatre and creative projects. Mortal Fools creates theatre, projects and training with professional artists working as co-creators with young people, schools, businesses and communities.

In 2018, it was named 'Small Charity of Year' at the North-East Charity Awards and in 2021, was awarded a Culture Award for MELVA, supporting children (aged 7–11) and the adults in their lives to talk openly about—and better understand—their mental health, emotions and wellbeing.