New podcast featuring Women Theatremakers in Northern Ireland launches

Published: 7 May 2024
Reporter: Michael Quinn

Women Theatremakers in Northern Ireland podcast Credit: Queen's University Belfast
Shonagh Hill Credit: Queen's University Belfast
Actor-writer Carol Moore Credit: Carol Moore
Producer-playwright Gina Donnelly and writer-director Seón Simpson Credit: SkelpieLimmer
Actor-director Brenda Winter-Palmer Credit: Brenda Winter-Palmer
Lighting designer Mary Tumelty Credit: Queen's University Belfast
Musician, composer and sound designer Katie Richardson Credit: Katie Richardson

A new podcast series, Women Theatremakers in Northern Ireland, has been launched by Dr Shonagh Hill of Queen’s University Belfast to “celebrate and examine the challenges for women making theatre in Northern Ireland from the 1980s to the present day”.

Four episodes have been already been released, the first a talk by the actor and writer Carol Moore about the formation of the pioneering all-female touring company Charabanc in the early 1980s.

Other episodes include interviews by Hill and fellow QUB lecturer Ali Fitzgibbon, who leads a discussion with Charabanc co-founder Brenda Winter-Palmer about the company's legacy and her formation of Replay Theatre Company in 1988 to focus on theatre for younger audiences.

Also featured in separate interviews with Hill are producer-playwright Gina Donnelly and writer-director Seón Simpson, whose SkelpieLimmer partnership launched in 2019 with the award-winning Two Fingers Up, and lighting designer Mary Tumelty and musician, composer and sound designer Katie Richardson.

Women Theatremakers in Northern Ireland is currently only available on Spotify.

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