New vision for Manchester musical

Published: 25 October 2019
Reporter: David Upton

People registered blind were given the opportunity to experience the new musical &Juliet wearing new smart glasses that allowed them to see the entire performance in Manchester.

Participants with ‘tunnel vision’ also known as ‘peripheral vision loss’ entered a competition to experience the show using new smart glasses technology which allowed them to see the entire musical &Juliet before its West End debut.

In addition, a further 10 registered blind winners were given an exclusive touch tour which allowed them to feel the props, costumes and meet the cast, followed by the Opera House’s audio description accessibility option.

Kevin Crompton, 48 from Manchester, who has lost 95% of his vision and describes his remaining sight as “looking through a pin hole,” said, “it was very emotional putting the glasses on for the first time in the theatre, usually I wouldn’t be able to see the stage, but I was able to follow the entire story and see the full stage and all of the characters.”

The Opera House teamed up with Henshaw’s to make theatre experiences more accessible for those living with a visual impairment and as part of the World Sight Day 2019 campaign, giving free tickets to the musical.