Northern Ireland troubles play gets Buxton Fringe dates

Published: 17 July 2021
Reporter: Steve Orme

“Exploring the influence of the troubles on those who lived through them”: Buttercup

Northern Ireland company Spanner in the Works will stage Buttercup, a play based on the stories of three friends from growing up during the troubles of the 1970s to the present day, at Buxton Fringe.

The play deals with suicide and contains scenes that some people may find distressing. It also reflects the language and attitudes of its time, so some may find the content offensive.

Buttercupexplores the influence of the troubles on those who lived through them and on the current generation of young people within the context of long-standing female friendships. It touches on themes of mental health, the pressure of social media, the impact of suicide and the importance of friendship.”

Buttercup is written and directed by Spanner in the Works artistic director and co-founder Patricia Downey. The cast comprises Claire Cogan, Hannah Carnegie and Caroline Curran.

It will be performed Underground at The Old Clubhouse, Buxton on Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 July at 4PM, Wednesday 21 July at 7PM, Thursday 22 July at 5:30PM and Friday 24 July at 1PM.